RacksBrax HD Hitch Quick Release Awning Mount

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HD Hitch Quick Release Awning Mount

The RacksBrax HD Hitch Quick Release Awning Bracket is an innovative, Australian-made device which allows you to remove your vehicle’s awning in seconds, with the ability to mount it to the wall of your home or garage for easy storage with an optional adapter. Equipped with a keyed lock, the RacksBrax HD Hitch is highly resistant to theft, and also incorporates a secure pin with a lanyard to ensure either side of the HD Hitch does not separate while moving.

Consisting of two halves, one which attaches to a vertical “L” bracket provided by your roof rack or crossbar manufacturer (typically offered for awnings) and a second which attaches directly to a standard pull-out awning. By pulling the pin, and unlocking the unit with the key, you can quickly separate these two halves and leave your accessories at home when they are not needed.

RacksBrax currently only works with awnings that have an extruded-style rear frame, with top-to-bottom hole spacings of 40-53mm. Please contact your awning manufacturer if you are not able to accurately measure it yourself. Also included are specific bolts for the Rhino Rack Sunseeker as well as other single track awnings which use a single mounting location. Combined with the RacksBrax Quick Release Awning Bracket, it’s now just 10 seconds to mount or dismount and store your awning. After removal, the Awning Wall Mount allows for out of the way storage on a garage wall.