Overland Pros Wraptor 4K Wall – Individual


Wraptor 4K Wall – Individual

This fits the Wraptor 4K Awning. Side walls can be attached between the support poles of the Wraptor 4K to provide a complete enclosure around two sides of your vehicle.  You can also use them to create a privacy room (pictured) for a shower, toilet, etc. The panels attach to the top of the awning with a large velcro strip, attach to the poles with clips and to the the side of another panel with zippers. You can attach all panels to provide a complete enclosure or just a couple to provide additional shade.

The panels are made from the same waterproof 200D polyester as the rain fly on our roof top and ground tents. We chose the lighter material over the 280G awning material to save on weight and make packing the panels more compact. The panels fully enclose the awning (there are panels that run along the side and back of the vehicle as well).  This is a single wall.  If you want the complete set of walls, please see the Wraptor 4K Wall Set.


  • 200 Denier waterproof construction
  • Panels do not have doors or mosquito netting which makes them more compact than the panels in our full sets
  • Each panel features anchoring loops
  • Quick-clips to attach panel to poles make setup easy even in moderate wind
  • Each panel features zippers to attach to adjacent panels
  • Panels can be individually deployed if desired

Additional Information:

  • Weight - 5 lbs
  • Dimensions - 12 × 12 × 12 in