Overland Pros Tire Deflator With Gauge


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Tire Deflator With Gauge

This 2 in 1 Professional grade heavy duty tire gauge & rapid deflator will allow you to quickly alternate between checking your tire pressure & deflating your tire to a desired PSI as many times as you like without ever having to remove the unit or having to carry 2 units with you to get the job done. Rapid deflation of approx 1Psi a second.


  • Corrosion resistant brass/stainless deflator tool
  • Quality bronze bourdon tube gauge design ensures accuracy is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or altitude
  • Fully geared, solid brass precision movement
  • Easy to read dial with 1 pressure per square inch increments
  • Includes protective case and valve core removal tools

Additional Information:

  • Weight - 1 lbs
  • Dimensions - 8 × 3 × 6 in