Overland Gear Guy Universal Seat Organizer


Universal Seat Organizer

Nothing is worse than getting on the road then not being able to remember where you put your _______ (fill in the blank). It doesn't matter if it's a cell phone cord, portable charger, your wallet, or ear buds, losing stuff sucks!

Our Universal Seat Organizer has 22 pockets. With slip pockets inside and behind 3 box pockets, 3 upper small pocket, a giant cargo pocket, and an oversized zipper pocket, there's sure to have enough space for nearly everything. Installation takes seconds with dual upper quick release buckles.

The Universal Seat Organizer features:

  • Oversized zipper cargo
  • 14 slip pockets
  • 3 box pockets
  • 3 Smaller pockets
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Velcro loop on pocket flaps

The Universal Seat Organizer measures 17" wide x 21" tall and fits most SUVs, trucks, and Jeeps with headrests. 

Proudly Made in the USA, backed by our lifetime workmanship warranty. Accessories not included!

These three colors of universal seat organizers are made up and ready to ship immediately, keep in mind if you order any other product with this seat organizer it will delay your shipment.




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