ARB Roller Drawer w/ Roller Top Kit JL 4Dr w/ Subwoofer

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Roller Drawer w/ Roller Top Kit JL 4Dr w/ Subwoofer

In order to make the most of the Jeep's cargo area and maximize storage and flexibility of use, a new roller drawer module has been developed which includes the single-wide Roller Drawer with roller top and a drawer fit kit that accommodates a factory subwoofer. The RDRF790 incorporates a single Roller Drawer and an integrated roller floor top. The design allows for plenty of accessible and secure storage in the drawer. While the roller drawer function is self-explanatory, the roller floor provides easy access to an ARB Fridge Freezer or other gear. The 37-quart ARB Fridge Freezer can be mounted in the traditional front to back orientation. Although a tight fit, a 50-quart ARB Fridge Freezer can be oriented left to right across the drawer and rolled rearwards for easier access.


  • Color: 
    • Grey
  • Material: 
    • Carpeted
  • Type: 
    • Drawer Kit
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    • New Product
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