Gobi Toyota 4Runner 3rd Generation (1995-2002) Elevation Cross Bar

Cross Bar Length

Toyota 4Runner 3rd Generation (1995-2002) Elevation Cross Bar


Now with the new GOBI Elevation Cross Bar System the GOBI rack can become even more diverse. Once installed Elevation Cross Bars carry a roof top tent of choice along with kayaks, bikes, fishing rod vaults – you name it, on the sides of a roof top tent. If no roof top tent is in use, the Elevation Cross Bar has increased the surface foundation of the GOBI rack to handle much more such as multiple bikes, kayaks and other roof top accessories. Also, GOBI Elevation Cross Bar Locking Covers will be available soon – Locking covers provide additional protection and security.

Maximum static safe load limit: 225lbs. per cross bar
Maximum dynamic safe load limit: 150lbs. per cross bar


  • 150lbs. dynamic safe load limit
  • 225lbs. static safe load limit
  • Black thermal plastic coated with anti-rust undercoat
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Full 1 year limited warranty
  • Includes 1 Cross Bar + 2 Clamp Brackets

Gobi Stealth Elevation Cross Bars Installation Instructions

Gobi Stealth Elevation Adjustable Cross Bars Specifications