Front Runner Tent Ladder


Tent Ladder

A replacement ladder for your Roof Top Tent incase the original ladder gets damaged or lost.


  • Retractable, for easy storage.
  • Made from sturdy aluminium.
  • Foot friendly steps.
  • Weight limit: 180kg/400Lbs.

Note: Should the tent install height be higher than 2 meters you will need a Tent Extension Ladder.

Materials used:

  • Extruded aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Nylon-6

Product Dimensions:

  • 1150mm (45.3") L x 350mm (13.8") W x 90mm (3.5") H

Open Dimensions:

  • 2055mm (80.9") L x 350mm (13.8") W x 90mm (3.5") H