Rugged Ridge 25/64 Inch x 94 Feet Synthetic Winch Rope

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25/64 Inch x 94 Feet Synthetic Winch Rope

This 25/64-inch x 94 foot black synthetic winch line from Rugged Ridge is lighter and stronger than the traditional steel cables, so no more worrying about kinking or breaking steel strands. Synthetic rope does not store energy like steel cables, and in the event of a failure it is much less likely to result in severe injuries caused by the whiplash of a broken wire rope. Synthetic winch lines are easier to unspool, making recovery easier. Includes a chafe guard to protect the rope from abrasion, a black powder-coated latch hook, and a stainless steel thimble.


  • Dark Gray
  • 25/64-inch x 94 feet
  • Black powder coat latch hook
  • Stainless steel thimble