Goose Gear IceBox XL 1.4 - 31.5" Deep Module


IceBox XL 1.4 - 31.5" Deep Module

The Goose Gear IceBox XL contains a complete fridge slide integrated into a Goose Gear Module. It features a 100% extension fridge tray with Lock-In/Lock-Out capability. With the Goose Gear IceBox, you can safely store gear on top of your fridge and still have complete access without having to unload your gear to access your food.

The IceBox XL is designed for all of the above fridges listed in the standard 19-3/16" wide versions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 but is also larger to accommodate the following fridges as well.

  • National Luna 
  • Weekender 40
  • Weekender 55
  • Weekender 60
  • Indel B
  • TB50
  • Dometic
  • CFX 50
  • CFX 65W
  • CFX 65 DZ
  • SnoMaster
  • TR42S
  • CL56D
  • CL60

Module Dimensions: 22-3/16" wide x 29" tall x 31-1/2" deep

XL IceBox Interior Dimensions will also fit other brand fridges and coolers that are less than the following dimensions: 18"w x 29-1/2"d x 22"h