Front Runner Toyota 4Runner(2009-Current) Slimsport Roof Rack Kit/Lightbar Ready


Toyota 4Runner(2009-Current) Slimsport Roof Rack Kit/Lightbar Ready

The Toyota 4Runner (2009-Current) Slimsport Roof Rack Kit / Lightbar ready - by Front Runner was built for your best adventures. Its wind fairing comes ready for mounting a light bar, for all the drives after dusk. The rack is compatible with most Front Runner accessories, so building the perfect setup for a day, weekend or week out in the wild is easier than ever.


  • This low-profile flat deck Slimsport rack has a load carrying area of 2080mm (81.88") x 1175mm (46.25").
  • The sleek side rails have integrated mounting feet. The mounting feet also have additional brace brackets for added strength.
  • The high-strength aluminum slats have T-slots suitable for all Front Runner top mount accessories.
  • Easily add on the Rack Accessory Mounting Bracket (RRAC182) for most Front Runner side mount accessories (sold separately).
  • Included in the Toyota 4Runner (2009-Current) Slimsport is a 40" cutout to allow the use of the Front Runner 40” LED Slim Light Bar (LIGH213) (sold separately).
  • 6"/T30 Torx Allen Key for Slimsport Rack (RRAC213) is required for installation.
  • Note: Uses factory fixing points with no drill required front foot as standard but also includes hardware included for drill option (recommended).
  • Note: Under Rack Tables are not compatible with the Slimsport rack kit range


  • Consisting of:
    • 1x KSTF001 - Toyota 4Runner (2009-Curr) SlimSport Roof Rack Kit
    • 1x RRAC195 - Toyota4Runner Slimsport Rack 40" LBar Wind Fairing
  • Material Used:
    • Black epoxy powder - coated T6 aluminium
    • High strength steel
  • Approximate Installed Weight:
    • 39.95kg (88.07lbs)
    • The t-slots on the tops and bottoms of the slats accommodate standard 8mm bolts.
    • To determine the approximate height from your vehicle’s roof to the top of your Slimsport Rack add 60mm-70mm (2.4"-2.8") to the highest point of your roof.
  • Shipping Dimensions:
    • Width: 330mm (13")
    • Length: 1700mm (67")
    • Height: 210mm (8")
  • Shipping Weight:
    • Weight: 41kg (90lbs)




 Click here for the Installation Manual

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