ARB TRED HD Recovery Device (Aqua)


TRED HD Recovery Device (Aqua)

TRED HD, Heavy-Duty recovery traction boards are designed to deliver the ultimate level of performance and design for off-roading enthusiasts. Similar to TRED GT, TRED HDs utilize a specifically-designed formula to get a range of off-road vehicles, ATVs, or other equipment out of trouble when traction has been compromised. TRED HDs are ready for heavy-duty action and heavy-duty recovery.

TRED HDs are made from a custom blend of high-quality engineered nylon, which allows the boards to flex from the vehicle’s weight on unstable or uneven ground, providing a solid base for successful recoveries. TRED HD traction devices offer up all-season performance. Australian made, Outback proven.


  • Aqua
  • Made from high-quality custom-engineered nylon blend
  • All weather: 5 degrees - 158 degrees F
  • Comes in four unique colors
  • Rated for vehicles up to 9,900lbs
  • Lightweight: 7.7lbs each
  • Designed to work well in sand, mud, and snow
  • Improved flex for maximum performance
  • Increases tire-to-terrain contact patch
  • Lifetime Warranty