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Roam Adventure Co. Roof Top Tents, Awnings and Overland Accessories

Built on the road, for the road, Roam Adventure Co. captures the essence of hitting the road and leaving all the stressors of modern life behind with their quality camping products and roof top tents. Roam rooftop tents is known within the overland industry as a quality outfitter of camping and adventure equipment with a simple goal; serve the community in exploring the outdoors. And above all, to roam!

Made for the outdoor enthusiast, Roam specializes in equipment for camping, especially for those who like to camp in style as well as comfort. Our line of Roam roof top tents are more comfortable, safe and convenient than a typical ground tent. These tents are perfect for surf trips, 4x4 adventures, and the simple weekend getaway. 

Top Picks and Best Selling Roam Adventure Co. Roof Top Tents 

Our favorite (and our customers favorite), the Vagabond rooftop tent, is a big hit in the overland industry. This tent comes with a high-density foam mattress and sleeps 2-3 people comfortably. It comes ready for all weather conditions and only takes a few minutes to deploy.

Got a big family? Check out the Vagabond XL tent.

This tent has a lot of the same features as its smaller counterpart, the Vagabond, but fits up to 3-4 people comfortably. With just a small price increase you can fit the whole family (or the dogs) in this tent! Or for those on a budget or (or for 2 lovebirds), the Vagabond Lite will do just fine. The Vagabond Lite is the same construction and durability as other Roam tents, just in a smaller package. 

Roam Adventure Co. Awnings and Cases

We carry more than just Roam Rooftop Tents! In fact, we carry some of the best overland awnings, storage cases, and coolers from Roam. Take a look, and add to your camping and overland arsenal! 

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