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Prinsu Overland Roof Racks

Prinsu Design Studio has an excellent reputation for their innovative line of modular roof racks that make packing for any camping, off-roading, or overlanding trip a breeze.

With tailored designs to a whole range of vehicles, Prinsu’s roof racks are modular, adjustable, and will cover your whole roof giving you maximum storage capacity.

Since it is fully modular, the power is in your hands to decide how you want to configure your roof rack.

There’s also a variety of other options that allow you to customize your roof rack including no-drill options, or extra crossbars to offer extra security if you plan to traverse tough terrain.

The roof rack’s unique design also makes them the most low-profile rack on the market. As you drive around town even after your overlanding trip is over, other drivers and passers-by won’t notice that you’ve been out trekking.

These unique functionalities and features make Prinsu worth checking out if you are in the market for a new roof rack to take you on your next adventure.

Why Buy a Prinsu Roof Rack?

There are plenty of roof racks on the market, and it can be tedious to sift through different features to find the exact right product for you. Every overlander wants something different, and when designing their roof racks Prinsu had this in mind.

Prinsu’s roof racks give you more customization than any other roof rack of similar quality. Most Prinsu racks will come with 9 cross bars with one additional to mount for wind deflection.

Based on your load size and weight you can reconfigure your rack, giving you the possibility to carry different loads based on what trip you’re about to take.

Additional accessories also offer more possibilities to make your ride as smooth as possible. Noise reducing edge trim, extra crossbars, wind deflectors, and multitools are just some of the options that will improve your roof rack configuration and overall drive.

Prinsu Design Studio designed and make all of their products in the United States, and it is designed with high-quality aluminum and is built to last. The roof racks are also lightweight making them easy to install.

A roof rack can greatly improve your overlanding trips, giving you the ability to travel farther and carry more gear with you. A Prinsu roof rack is a great choice for those looking for a low-profile rack that you can configure the way you want.