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A rooftop tent can take your overlanding game to the next level, and getting the best bang for your buck will give you a comfortable place to rest your head wherever you are exploring.

Rooftop tents give you incredible flexibility to both stay safe away from predators on the ground and to set up camp no matter how rough the surface.

One of the top rooftop tent companies is Overland Pros, a business started by two overlanding enthusiasts looking to bring customers a high-quality rooftop tent experience.

Through multiple iterations, Overland Pros have redesigned and perfected the rooftop tent aiming for both comfort and function. The company’s years of experience in outdoor activities can be seen in its attention to detail.

For these reasons, Overland Pros is one of our go-to recommendations when people ask us “what rooftop tent should I buy?” Below we will recommend some of their best models and detail why we think any overlander will be satisfied with one of their products.

Best Rooftop Bang for Your Buck

People who love overlanding are willing to forgo a bit of luxury, but sacrificing on quality of sleep can seriously hamper you and your families’ ability to enjoy your trip.

With this in mind, Overland Pros set out to design a rooftop tent that could be easily set up and taken down that also provided enough comfort to give you a solid night’s rest.

Overland Pros has a variety of models and sizes that give you the ability to select your gear based on your needs.

One of the company’s best models is the Anza 1400 2-3 Person Roof Top Tent, and it is popular due to its modular capabilities.

Waterproof and designed with zip-down canvas outer walls for maximum airflow and visibility, it’s functional and comfortably sleeps three people.

Another top suggestion is the Mojave Explorer 1400 Roof Top Tent (3 Person). It features similar high-quality materials, but it is slightly taller than the previous model and it has two large skylights that can bring an added dimension to your camping. This design also comes with a premium Extreme Edition that is heavier and more suitable for overlanders with big rigs looking for an even sturdier option.

Overall, when you are looking for a rooftop tent it is important to know what you want out of your new gear. But whatever you are after, you can be sure that Overland Pros will be able to meet your rooftop tent needs.