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MAXTRAX - The Original Vehicle Recovery / Traction Boards

Hailing from Queensland, Australia, MAXTRAX was created out of the necessity for quality off-road recovery gear. In 2001, founder and off-road enthusiast Brad McCarthy had a tough off-roading outing and found himself stuck in the sand. He knew there must be an inexpensive and simple way to get himself unstuck and back on the road. This is when the idea of MAXTRAX was born. 

A winch and other recovery methods will not always work, but recovery boards will. Brad's simple idea would soon change the way that off-road enthusiasts and overlanders equipped their vehicles and hit the trails. 

Being equipped with MAXTRAX is a big game changer. Anyone can throw their traction boards on their roof rack and deploy them at a moments notice, opening up the possibility of solo off-roading (we definitely recommend going out with buddies just in case!) and solo camping in remote places.

And personally, at Anytime Overland we love how lightweight and durable these traction boards are! The won't break the bank or weigh down your rig!


Why MAXTRAX are the Best on the Market

Brad and the MAXTRAX team have tested several types and grades of tough nylons over the years, perfecting their product. The outcome; a lightweight yet durable product that offers superior performance to any other traction boards on the market.

Since Brad got stuck in the sand back in 2001, the off-road and overland world has recognized MAXTRAX as the top product and best option for recovery boards. Now MAXTRAX traction boards are sold worldwide, and often sold out due to high demand! 

The Best Traction Boards / Recovery Boards

The best overall MAXTRAX product, and recovery board on the market for that matter, goes to the MAXTRAX MKII traction board. The MKII traction board is constructed with high quality nylon, tested on the trail by real off-road enthusiasts, making it a top pick worldwide. 

We also love the MAXTRAX XTREME recovery boards for those that are more serious about off-roading (military and off-road racing teams love these) or the MAXTRAX Minis, perfect for those with smaller vehicles, smaller budgets or just less storage room.