Hard Shell Roof Top Tents

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Best Hard Shell Roof Top Tents

One of our personal favorite ways to camp here at Anytime Overland, a hard shell rooftop tent will redefine your camping experience. Not only do hard shell rooftop tents look sleek on top of your car or truck, they are even more beautiful when they are setup and ready to camp in. 

Many of our customers love the hard shell roof top tents for several reasons. Aside from aesthetics, the hard shell tents are much stronger and more resistant to weather and the elements than other, soft shell tents.

For avid campers that are looking for a long term investment, these are a great option.

Aside from that, a hard shell rooftop tent is usually smaller when packed up on top of your vehicle (think better mpg’s) and when it is time to camp, much faster and easier to setup and break down. 

We carry rooftop tents in 2 person, 3 person and 3 person capacities so you can find the best hard shell roof top tent for your needs! 

Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Construction

Generally speaking, you will find 2 types of materials used with hard shell roof top tents, aluminum and fiberglass. To make the proper buying decision you need to understand the differences, namely quality, longevity while keeping budget in mind. 

Aluminum tents are stronger, will last longer, and are a bit pricier. They also keep their colors and withstand the elements a bit better than their fiberglass counterparts.

Fiberglass on the other hand, is a bit lighter and less expensive, also offering a bit more insulation for those cold nights. 

Ultimately, both materials are strong, and you won’t go wrong with either one.

For more questions about hard shell roof top tents, feel free to call (800) 657-9490!

Best Hard Shell Rooftop Tent Brands 

Here at Anytime Overland, we carry only the best brands. Be sure to check out hardshell roof top tents from Tepui, Eezi Awn, and Roost. These are the best brands in the industry, bringing quality tents to the market at great prices.