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Eezi Awn Rooftop Tents and Awnings

Hailing from South Africa, Eezi awn has been making quality overland and off-road equipment sine 1982. What started out as making off-road tents for their South African expeditions quickly turned into creating rooftop tents, overland awnings, fridge sliders, and other overland accessories for the whole world. Eezi-Awn is now a huge name in the overland and off-road world and exports to dozens of countries worldwide. 

Best Quality Rooftop Tents on the Market

Believing in quality overall, Eezi-Awn is not afraid of spending time and thought on creating only the highest quality of products, often leading to a higher price. Any customer that has ever slept in an Eezi Awn rooftop tent, or sat beneath the shade of their retractable overland awnings knows the price is worth every penny. 

Best Selling Eezi Awn Rooftop Tents and Awnings

Take for example the Eezi Awn Blade hardshell rooftop tent. This tent is built with a lightweight aluminum body, fits 2 people comfortable, and sets up in just minutes. This tent is one of our best selling hardshell roof top tents and has been a big hit in the overland community.

Or take the swift off-road awning by Eezi Awn, this awning can create more than 50 square feet of shade of shade for you and your campsite while only 34 pounds! It is constructed with aluminum, giving a lightweight and durable design and sets up in just minutes. 

And remember, we offer FREE shipping on all Eezi-Awn overland products! Give us a call at (800)-657-9490 for any questions.